Siser Juliet High Definition Cutter

Create, Cut, Love, Repeat

Juliet may look innocent enough at first, but despite the compact size and sultry shine this high-definition cutter is a cut above the rest- you might even say she's at balcony level. From fine detail to extensive lengths, Juliet is capable of completing projects of all kinds so you can make more than ever before. The sleek touch screen includes Siser specific presets along with a built-in registration camera, so you can print and cut with precision and accuracy. Customize your experience further with features that enable you to cut without a mat and from a roll, change cut settings on the fly, or even choose where your cut begins. If you're looking to get the best cutte ron the market for the best vinyl out there, look no further than Juliet. Whether you're a beginning baron or a skillful lord of the decoration world, Juliet is your lady!

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Quiet, Detailed Power at your Fingertips

Juliet is a high definition cutting machine capable of cutting the finest details in a variety of materials. Juliet is designed for all Siser heat transfer vinyl via the pre installed cut settings, but works superbly with other materials such as adhesive vinyl, cardstock, stickers, craft foam and much more. Cut materials up to 12" wide using the included cutting mat... or go matless and cut longer rolls using the custom roll feeder (arriving early 2023). Juliet gives you the freedom to create on your terms and with the materials you're already familiar with and use on a daily basis. Say goodbye to loud motors and horrible grinding noises that some cutters produce, Juliet is quiet. Perfect for cutting while watching your favorite shows or when the kiddos are fast asleep!

What You Get

Juliet 12" High Definition Cutter
Power Supply
Marker Adapter
45 Degree Blade
60 Degree Blade
Blade Housing
12" x 12" Cutting Mat
Owner's Manual
Setup Card
USB Cord

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      416 oz
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