Siser TTDE Low Tack Mask Carrier Sheet

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One 8.5in x 11in sheet of TTDE Low Tack Mask. This is a carrier sheet on a backing, for use with printed heat transfer vinyls, reusing HTV scraps, or placing multicolor HTV designs.

The sheet may be bubbled up/ imperfectly applied on the backing. This will not affect its use, as it must be transfered to an HTV anyway. This product is non-returnable.

Only 100% genuine Siser product is used. Size tolerance is +/- 1/4in. 

This product also available in rolls here

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TTD Easy Mask

Masking Your Print and Cut Materials is as Easy as TTD!

Most application tapes in the industry are manufactured to transfer sign vinyl which doesn’t require heat. When using these tapes to apply Siser products, you may be left with an adhesive residue. Additionally, the tape may be difficult to remove which slows down the production process. An extended amount of time was spent formulating a transfer tape that works perfectly with our heat transfer materials. This CLEAR mask allows you to accurately place the image on the garment then releases easily after heat application.

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