Return Policy



Please note - All returns are handled on a case by case basis due to the sensitive nature of this product. We do not do any direct EXCHANGES (due to shipping costs the return and the repurchase are dealt with separately). With that said, here is a GENERAL outline of our return policy.

RETURN POLICY (effective 10/1/2019):

RETURNS ON NEW, UNOPENED, UNUSED, UNDAMAGED rolls and items will be accepted for a period of 10 days from the date of delivery as confirmed by the USPS tracking website.  In the event that tracking does not show a delivery date, it will be considered to have been FIVE (5) days after the order shipment date (for a total of 15 days from the shipping date)

NOTE - Vinyl products already cut to sheets are not able to be returned as they are much more likely to be damaged while in the customers possession and/or customer packaging of the return.

Return shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer.  All returns must be shipped in an appropriately sized BOX (no envelope returns will be accepted) and any tracking or insurance options are at the customers discretion as the return will only be considered when it is physically in our hands, regardless of any estimated or guaranteed delivery dates or times.  Damage occurred during return transit will be the customers responsibility (just like it is ours on its way to you).

Gift cards and software cards are not able to be returned once the digital keys have been emailed.

End rolls that are sold as scrap/clearance items are not able to be returned.

Transfer Tape is not able to be returned.  Sales of these items shall be considered final.  Please keep this in mind before buying large rolls of a tape you have not used before.  Smaller sizes are available.

Silhouette cutting blades, pens, cables, cords, cutting mats and all machines and mint accessories are not able to be returned.  Sales of these items shall be considered final.  If you have an issue with a machine after purchase please contact Silhouette directly for warranty coverage.

Siser cover sheets, pressing pillows, red weeder tools and presses are not able to be returned.  Sales of these items shall be considered final.  If you have an issue with a press after purchase please contact Siser directly for warranty coverage.

In the event that your original order was shipped under the free shipping policy, returning items that cause the order to no longer qualify for free shipping shall result in our original shipping COST being deducted from the return refund.

Due to a large number of customers ordering too much of a color, the wrong color or the wrong type of product we are now implementing a restocking fee when these issues arise.  NOTE:  YOU CAN ALWAYS EMAIL US TO FIX THESE ISSUES FIRST SO THIS DOES NOT NEED TO HAPPEN.

This restocking fee will be a MINIMUM of $5 and a MAXIMUM of 10% of your order.  Whole orders returned are also subject to the $5 cancellation fee as we can not get all of the transaction fees we paid to process your payment back.

As an alternative to the restocking fee we can issue you store credit for your return which will eliminate the $5 minimum and the 10% maximum restocking fee from your refund.  The whole order return $2 cancellation fee still applies.

All refunds will be processed within ONE BUSINESS DAY of us receiving and inspecting the return.  Refunds will be issued back to your original payment method.

If you paid via PayPal the refund process should clear back to your PayPal account within just a few minutes of us processing it.  This includes if you used a card to fund a PayPal purchase (meaning the refund would only go back to your PayPal account as that is how we were paid.  We can not return it back to your funding card or bank account and that shall be your responsibility if desired)

If you paid via Credit Card the refund process only takes a few minutes on our end and to leave our account, but then has to be cleared through your banking institution.  We do not have a way of telling you exactly how long this will take but from our experience most times it is 2-4 business days.

There are no returns accepted of any opened, partially used or damaged items.  If you receive an item from us with damage exceeding the tolerances of the product please see the "Have an issue with an order" page for details on how to proceed.

If you would like to return your entire order, there are 2 options.  First, if you have not opened the package you have the option to do it as a RETURN TO SENDER after you have contacted us to arrange for this.  By doing it this way you will not have to pay the return shipping charge portion of the order.  If however you have already opened the order you will then need to pay return shipping charges as explained above.  In the event of a full order return there will be a $5 order cancellation fee deducted from your return (this is to cover non-recoverable payment transaction fees).

If you have questions about part of this policy or something not specifically addressed by this policy we would encourage you to contact us prior to purchasing.

Thank you.